Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Xcode 4.5 Upate and Mac Automatic Update

Yesterday I saw Xcode 4.5 update in my App store. I have been put my App development on hold for a while. This update may have new features I have been waiting for: customized object collection view for pictures I'll use my my app.

One new feature in Mountain Lion(ML) is to download updates automatically. All the Mac and app updates are through App Store. The download process happens automatically. However, the update has to be done through users.

Before ML, Mac OS update check is set through System Preference, as a scheduled check. When new updates are available, OS will prompt user to proceed downloading and then installation. In ML, the software has more options in System Preference:

The download process can be done automatically, as well as system data and files. For other updates, Mac users have to be click on Update button  to proceed. The above is my settings. The advantage of this update is that the update process will avoid long time waiting for downloading. When updates are ready, the installation can be done immediately.

I notice that there is no way to define checking updates schedule, daily, weekly or monthly. There is only a button for Check Now.

This new feature is quite convenient for users because most of cases users want to do updates.