Monday, December 31, 2012

Year 2012 is Over, Welcome Year 2013

Year 2012 will be over soon. At the time of this blog being published, I am on my way to China for my vacation. In the middle of 2012, my contact job was changed. My previous contact job is mainly as software developer to support historian services for SCADA system. Development work only took small portion of my time, I was mainly responsible to provide support for applications, such as SQL server, Parcview, and applications I wrote.

When my contract was terminated, I thought I would never to touch Parcview. I was looking for .Net development jobs, as well as iOS development. In my personal profile and resume, I did not mention Parcview at all. To my surprise, I got a call from a company, in about 2 weeks of my break, to ask me to fill a role to provide support for Parcview. As a result, I accepted the offer. Now my IT role has been changed since. Not much development work, my work, or new contract, has been mainly on Parcview and historian service support. In 2012, a big change happened in my career.

Even though I know Parcview and historian services very well, there are still many new challenges. I think this provides me a good opportunity to extend my skills and knowledge in this area. Since my work is mainly in support case, I have not touched codes at all. I tried to reorganize some of previous Visual Studio projects and trie to find a way to put them in my work. So far, my effort has not been approved yet.

My iOS app has been on hold as well. The career change may be one of reasons I delayed my app. Another reason is that I have been waiting for my daughter to provide art work for my app. The app is about 80% finished. All my iOS development are in my afterwork hours.

I had a talk with my best friend over a weekend. He asked me what are my new goals for the year 2013. Among many goals I would like to complemented, to continue my iOS development is one of them. My current contract has been extended for the year 2013. I am pretty much sure there will be not much development at my support work. Therefore, I will focus on iOS or even Mac OS app development. I have to make my effort to plan my time and allocate enough resources to continue my software development. I hope this will extend my software development to a more existing area.