Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cardiovascular System and ProvexCV

This is a known fact:: Coronary heart disease is the singl leading cause of death in the world today. In our lifetime, it is highly likely this deadly disease will affect us or some one we love. People have been waiting for science research break through in this area, either cure solution or even impotently a way to prevent heart disease.

As a IT technician, I want to maintain my cardiovascular system in good shape. Through my after work investigation and research, I am so fortunately to find out there is solution from Melaleuca. ProvexCV is one most popular product from the company. In past about 17 years experience as a Melaleuca preferred customer,  I have witnessed its introduction and updates.

This product was introduced one year after I become a preferred customer. The introduction of this product was the most special event I have ever seen. The company noticed us, all the preferred customers, a very important telephone conference call one day. During the call, Frank VanderSloot, the CEO, was very existed to claim that Melaleuca was in the leading position with the ProvexCV product,  in terms of preventing heart disease. He mentioned one of key researchers, Dr. John Folts, who is the person discovered Aspirin health benefit for heart.

Even it was a very existing news, I did not pay attention to this product. I was in very good health and I did not think that I needed this product. However, I knew that I could share this news with some one who would benefit from this. My parents and in-law parents had heart issues. I purchased the product and sent to them. During the past years, they told me that ProvexCV really made difference in their lives. They feel much better with almost daily on ProvexCV.

In my after work hours, I spend some time to study Melaleuca products. I read all the information I could get from Melaleuca. I collected some key facts and I tried to find support from other channels. This investigation does open my eyes. With my extended knowledge in this area, I got exited about this product.

One of break-through findings in 2012 was that I found video shows about Dr. John Folts on cardiovascular system research and red wine. This was the first time I head directly from Dr. Folts about the relationship of his research and Melaleuca. His in depth research taught me the importance of food supplements. They are nutritional substances to maintain our cell, organ and body in good health. They are not magic bullet to cure disease like medicine drugs. In terms of ProvexCV, this is for endothelial cell health, which is critical for cardiovascular system.

This blog will be scheduled to be published on the date when I get back from my vacation.