Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Plan to Run Marathon

In the past 4 weeks, I have been in preparation for Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2013. I got this news from a local news group. I was immediately attached by this event. The reason I am interested in this program is that I have been on a weight loss program. At the time I knew about the marathon, I was already in one week in the program.

Basically, the program is based on a package of products from Melaleuca. It recommends to change three meals in to three smaller ones. To overcome craving, it suggests to add two snack foods between meals. The snacks are Attain or GC Attain, which is based on a technology with natural ingredients to block craving desire. All those are for reducing calories input.

Another key element in the package is to use Melaleuca's exclusive and patented Access bar. The bar itself does not have feature for burning fat. However, it can block adenosine effect, which locks fat release when energy is required during exercise. In other words, by taking the bar 15 minutes before exercise with empty stomach, it will allow fat to be released when energy is required.

I like running exercise. It is a outdoor activity. By running long distance, it will push hard on my body for energy, as a result the energy from fat. I have never tried marathon run before. That's why I would like to take this opportunity try out Melaleuca's weight loss program.

This was my first long distance run on Mar 1, 2013. It was about 15k.

The second weekend I added another 5k, extended from Prince's island to Calgary Zoo. The last weekend I added another 10K starting from Bowness Park to Zoo, and then back to Crowchild Trail at river side. During those long distance runs, I used Access Bat to help me to get more energy power.

In addition to all those weekend runs, I intentionally do more physical activities during week days. In the past week, I started to walk from 4th floor (this is the only lowest one to access to stairs, 1-3 doors are locked) to 23th floor twice a day, and run from 15th to 23th once. Those are great exercises to help me to build strong muscles.

Another great product I use is the Pain-A-Trate. This one has great effect to reduce muscle sore or pain. Without it, I would not be able to recover so quickly from my muscle sores.