Tuesday, June 23, 2020

One-on-One Support from Apple

WWDC2020 was launched this week. In the past, WWDC conferences were all held in US. This year, because of COVID19 and social distance rules,WWDC is the first time on virtual web. The greatest news is that all Apple registered developers are all able to attend the WWDC without paying expensive registration, travel and hotel fees. This is first time Apple trying virtual WWDC.

On the first day, I watched the keynote speech yesterday. From my personal option, I think the virtual meeting is organized much more efficient and smooth, when transfering from one person to another. This can be done without any delay.

I watched Sean Allen's Swift News on YouTube. Among many topics about WWDC,he mentioned One-on-one Labs support, which was only available on site at WWDC. Now everything is on virtual. I quickly searched from Apple Developer's web page. It is true that one-on-one support is available on request. I made my request. I have been struggling on one UI issue for quite long time and still could not figure out any good solution. Within seconds, I got confirmation that my one-on-one support is scheduled tomorrow morning. That's awesome!


I have hight hope that I could get expert support directly from Apple to diagnose my issue and hope a solution would help to get the issue resolved.

Update on Jun 24 11MT: Just finished 1 on 1 labs support. I demonstrated my issue and showed what I have done in Xcode. The issue seems new to Apple support. He could not provide any solution and suggested me to submit a bug report on this issue.

The issue is that I have a screen with toolbar on bottom. There is one UIBarButton there. Most of time, the button shows normally. However, after a while, it would not visible when the screen brought up. I noticed that the issue is related to iPhone without physical Home button, ie, my Xr. The button still reacts to tap action even when it is invisible. It looks like that the button's tint color is as same as toolbar color, which causes button invisible.