Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Launches Chrome Web Browser Today

It is getting more crowded in the web browser war. I have IE that is a part of Windows, Firefox, an excellent open source browser with multi-tabs and add-ins, Safari for Mac, and others rarely used. Now Google enters the web browser competition with Chrome!

It is a positive thing for most end users for sure. I think Chrome will have some special offers for us. First, it is built based on IE but it is open source. Soon it will be available for Mac. That means that we could have alternative browser for IE in Mac with IE special features. Secondly, its infrastructure is sandbox so that each process has its own rights which mean more privacy. Another related benefit is that one process crashing would not affect others like tabs and mails.

I think the biggest thing why Google decides to have its own browser is that the current browsers have too many dependencies. Many of Google's products and great features are depending on browser and end user decisions. For example, Google released Google Gears which provides off-line browsing. That's a great feature for most end users. The browsing process would more smooth and faster. The real-time data can be updated by the back-end database store and processes when the Internet connection is available and there is need to fresh the data. However, it is an add-in. It will be up to the end user to install it. Without the installation, it would not work.

jQuery is another great feature for web browsing. It loads additional JavaScript libraries. There are already many jQuery add-ins or plug-ins available and Google shows great interest in it. However, many features will depend on end users to install them.

I guess that Chrome will install Google Gears and many other add-ins as components by default. This will make Chrome very unique and outstanding. Many advanced features will be available right away. That will shine Chrome for sure.

Welcome Chrome to the web browser world!