Sunday, September 21, 2008

iPone Application: MoveMe

I started to learn iPhone application development from Apple's iPhone Dev Center. The first application is MoveMe. The material on this application gives overall description on main items in the application, but it does provide hands-on information about how to build the application by steps.

I tried to create all the classes, resources files, and windows xib files from scratch. It is not so easy. XCode provides good IDE for coding, however, I could not find similar convenient ways as I have done .Net applications by VS.

I am still in the progress to get MoveMe build up and working. One thing I found out that the window xib file has to be specified in the Info.plist file (which is under Groups & Files->Resources):

I did not use MainWindow.xib file. Instead, I created MainMoveMe.xib file. When I first run it, I got crash exception. The problem was caused by this "Main nib file base name" in Info.plist.

After I got this window file, still I could not find a way to link delegate to MoveMeAppDelegate class in Interface Builder. Since I created this window file, I have link windows to classes through Interface Builder. Anyway, it is quite interesting experiences to learn and develop iPhone Application. I'll keep log my experiences.