Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finished Watching WWDC 2011 Videos in -Halfway

In the past weeks, I have been in a fast-paced way to watch WWDC 2011 videos. Right now I have finished 100(App Frameworks), and 300(Developer Tools) serials. Still three sections left: 200(Core OS, 13), 400(Graphics, Media and Games, 24), and 500(Internet and Web, 19).

I have also made some nodes in my Chinese blogs about WWDC 2011.

WWDC exposed more detail changes in iOS and Mac OS with new framework and APIs. For example, full screen feature is a very nice thought designed bases on iOS. Windows have full screen since its start, Windows 3.0. However, Mac OS full screen has more support from its core internal. App's will receive many events such as willXXX and didXXX for full screen status. With those events, app developer can prepare UI for better user experience and usage. In terms of OS, the full screen has consistency UI for full screen such as enter, exist and keyboard shortcuts. Full screen apps flow fluently in Mac OS.

Another group of great features are auto-save and versions. Those features are backed by app with Cocoa new APIs. Basically, this is a repository for software source codes, but it has been expanded to Mac OS app. It will be up to app developer to implement the feature. Save and versions are integrate part of Mac OS. As one of Apple software engineering in one session about this topic said, what is if further of Mac OS Cocoa? It may be the long time Quit will be gone. Users will not need to take care apps in Mac OS. Since everything will be auto-saved, why should apps with those features stay in OS when they are not in use? This will greatly enhance the experience of using Mac with great resources releases by inactive apps.