Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Collection of Programming Podcasts

Podcasts are important information resources I have in the past years. I listen and watch for those audio and video podcasts during slices of my time, on the way to and from work, lunch time, weekends, and anytime available for me such rest time during camping.

Basically, I sync my Apple mobile devices at lest once a week through iTunes. Here are the collection of podcasts I have right now:

Audio/Video podcasts:

  • CNET: Buzz Out Loud (Tech news)
  • DailyAppShow (iOS device app reviews, videos)
  • GeekBeatTV (Tech video show)
  • Hanselminutes (.Net tech news/programming)
  • HerdingCode (.Net programming)
  • iPone/iPad/Android App Reviews by CrazyMikesapps (videos)
  • jQuery for Designers - screencasts and turotirals (videos)
  • CNET: Loaded (videos)
  • Mac Geek Gab
  • the Maccast for Mac Geeks by Mac Geeks
  • MacMost Now - Mac and iPhone Tips and Tutorials (videos)
  • MacTalk
  • Macworld podcasts
  • .Net Roks!
  • ScreenCastsOnline Free Version (videos)
  • Tech NightOwl
  • Today in iOS Podcast - The Unofficial iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch News and iPhone Apps Podcast
  • Typical Mac User Podcast
  • WebBeastTV(HD) (videos)
  • Wired's Garget Lab Video Podcast (videos)

  • UCDavids University of California: Introduction to iPhone Application Development (fall 2009)
  • Stanford Univierty: Developing Apps for iOS (spring, fall 2010, summer 2009)
  • RWTHAACHEN University: iPhone Application Programming WS 09/10
  • Apple: iPhone Getting Started Videos (08)
  • University of Utah: iPhone Programming Association - Audio
  • Apple Developer Connection: iPhone Tech Talk World Tour (09)
  • Apple: iPhone Tech Talks (07)
  • WWDC 08, 09, 10, 11
Above list is only the one for my programming and tech news information and updates. In addition to that, I also have a wide range of other topics and areas I listen and watch on daily basis, as you can see in my screen snap-shots.