Sunday, September 18, 2011

My iOS Development Status

I have not been back to my iOS development since my Beijing vacation back. May be I am just too lazy or too busy with something else as excuse. One of reasons is that I want to do it in Xcode 4.0 and iOS 5. I got my Xcode updated last month. iOS will be released anytime soon either this month or in October.

For sure when iOS is out, I'll be back to my iOS app development schedule. At lease I'll allocation some time a week. First thing I have to update my codes to iOS 5.0. Then I'll finish my app and continue my next project.

The good thing that I have been in touch with iOS and OS technology is that I finished WWDC 2011 videos. Now I find out some more back to WWDC2008 and other videos from iTunes U. I have kept my after work time, some of them, view those training materials. In this way, not only I am refreshed by the new materials, but also I learnt a lot about some of new concept I don't know before.

In addition to above activities, I have been kept writing my notes on WWDC2011 in my Chinese blogs, just a way to review and to share my iOS exploration and experience.