Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blogger Challenge

Recently, I have been puzzled by one challenge: update my blogger with a new view. I have been put image as an indicator of the topic in my blog post for long time. What I would like is to place the icon image off the main column just beside my post title, so that it would be much easy to see the topic for each topic, instead of reading title text. It seems simple task, however, with the limitation of Blogger I just cannot make it happen.

Here are what I tried. Starting from blogger template. I found a place to add a div just right before my post title. The div  has a margin like this style:

marin:0 -150%;

It does show on the left side of my post title. However, within the div, I could not find a way to change image, the icon for my post.

The icon image is defined in my post. It seems that there is no way to set a reference to a blog post element, such as image's src attribute value. There is a variable in blogger's template, but the values are defined within the template.

I might be possible by using Javascript codes. The difficult point is that how I can define a unique DOM element so that I can retrieve element's attribute value? In addition to that, the Javascript codes have to be trigger on Windows load to update out-fly icon images  from posts.

By the time being, I still could not resolve this puzzle. Any suggestions?