Friday, August 03, 2012

Finished Watching WWDC2012 Videos

Today I finished watching all available WWDC 2012 videos. There 111 video talk shows. I downloaded them in SD format, which are good enough. To view outlines, I found that I can go to HD area to get PDF files. In this way, I can separate videos from PDF files.

WWDC 2012 shows in iTunes grouped in serials. I started from 400 serial, Developer Tools, with 14 shows. Then 700 serial, Core OS, has 14 shows. 200 serial has 42 shows, which is the largest group. Next is 500, with 24 shows in Graphics , Media and Games. 300 serial is for App services, with 11 shows. The last serial, 600, has 6 shows.

I took some notes in Chinese for the first two serials. I cannot keep taking notes for all of the shows.