Monday, February 18, 2013

What is the Next Big Thing for Apple

This is a question most people ask today. There are many rumors about iWatch, a wearable device can be attached to human body. Personally, I think this is a tip of iceberg, and it must be a part of Apple eco-system.

In the past, from Apple's WWDC seminars, I noticed that Apple has been very interested in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. There was a demo about using iPod touch as a BLE device to communicate with iPhone. This is a open standard protocol and has great application potential in many areas.

I remembered one Video of Steve Jobs' talking about what Apple learned from its past. Apple invested a lot in personal computer, OO technology and graphics OS. Steve was so fascinated with this. This came out of the result of Mac computer. One thing Steve mentioned that he missed out network and internet, the potential products in this area. Actually, from Apple's past, the company has invested a lots in this area with innovative technology, such as zero configuration networking or Bonjour.

With iPhone's success, I think this has been raised to top priority of Apple's next technology innovation. iWatch is just one device for motion monitor device (MMD). It seems that Apple is also working on motion event device (MED) as well.

The next big thing is built from the past technology or concept in Apple for long time. When it is out, I think it will be a big surprise WOW for consumers. This will be not just one single device. This is a whole system with iPhone and mobile devices. The innovation will be built on a solid system and it will an open system for developers.