Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just watched a training video Creating Task List on ASP.Net MVC. It is very impressive. MVC design pattern has been used for Windows application and now the framework for ASP.Net is available.

I have used this or MVP in several desktop applications before and I have not touched this type of design for several month. I'm very glad to see the new package available.

MVC pattern provides very good design infrastructure with separations of UI, Controller and Model. In addition to this model, I prefer to add a Repository level to separate data base and classes. The Repository model is responsible to provide data as objects and interface for updating objects back to DB.

Any good design pattern does not resolve all the issues. Still you have to keep good practice to use them. I understand that the tutorial video is just an instruction to MVC. My comments on the practice in this video is that there are too many client to server calls. To create a new task you have to make a call to server side to add a new task. However, to mark a task as completed, I don't think that the Complete action call to server for each edit is necessary. It could be done on client side to mark one or more tasks as completed. Add a Save button to save changes. This will avoid frequent calls to server.

In order to do that, I think client side script may be needed to handle these changes. In addition to that, you have to handle redirect change by client to another page. That means a warning message to indicate changes.

New design patterns would provide a gateway to design a better applications. You should remember that that does not resolve all the problems or make your application in a good structure. It'll take time to master skills to develop good applications.