Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stack OverFlow: Developers' Q&A Social Site

I found a very good web site: StackOverFlow. It is basically a developers' Q&A social group. You can post any questions there. All the questions are categorized by tags. I added some tags I am interested in and some questions. Actually, I posted some answers first.

I got this web site information while I was walking outside downtown Calgary during my lunch break, listening a podcast by Scott Hanselman. The topic is all about StackOverFlow web site for almost one hour. That's great talk.

Today I google the site, found it, and joined the site. One interesting thing is that you don't need to create a new account. I used my Blogger account(googl's actually) to join the site. That saves me time and brain for another new account. Just for a few hours, I earned 1 point for my reputation. It is an encouragement to spend sometime to share programming experience and learn something as well. I always get valuable knowledge and solutions from web, forums, and discussion groups. This one is the right one for me! I think I'll use it more than other ones. One shop for almost all my skill areas.