Sunday, October 19, 2008

SVG and DropBox Web Share Space Tool

SVG is a xml file for defining graphics and it is a World Wild Web Consortium (W3c) recommendation. It is very cool graphics. With SVG, it opens a door to create interactive and dynamics graphics with scripts so that web page content is more dynamic.

One interesting about SVG graphics is that you cannot copy the image by right click. The image is defined by xml source codes in a SVG tag. What you can do is to open the source codes and copy the SVG tag section and save it as a SVG file. You can either use a browser or Adobe SVG Viewer. There are many SVG editor tools available as well.

The graphics is defined as SVG tag in an xml file. However, one problem is that you cannot directly place the xml graphics section in a html web page. It has to be placed in the same way as other graphics, ie, referenced by a link. Therefore I could directly place a SVG graphics in my Blogger, when I first learned about SVG. Blogger does allow me to place a graphics like jpg or png files, but does not support SVG. Blogger does not provide any space for me to directly put my files.

Today, I found a web tool called as DropBox. It is a web tool to share your files between you computer and your account there. With DropBox public shared space available. I can place my svg files there so I can reference to it by using embed tag.

Here is one svg file I saved in my public space and make a short name to it:


Or click Feather Pan. I got this SVG graphics from Open Clip Art Library by wsnaccad.

I created a short name by MetaMark for the long name link. The only problem is that both tools are only active if your file and link active at least something like 90 days. I am not sure how long they are available. Anyway, for a blog entry, as long as it is working for the time being, it is OK. I can change the link later on if they are not working. There always some other options available.