Monday, November 03, 2008

Doio: JavaScript Tool for Web Page Development

Today, I just started to learn Dojo. It is something very similar to jQuery. However, it provides core and APIs directly for Web Page development. It is very cool!

Just tried the Hello World example to display a button, to run Dojo script, to Get and Post back to server. I used my Mac with PHP to test it. It is very interest! The tool provides universal JavaScript APIs and you don't need to worry about brower syntax for DOM elements. I like it very much. This is another area I would like to invest my energy into it.

One neat thing about Dojo is that you don't need to install Dojo package or core APIs into your server. You can define <script ... src="http//..." /script> to either AOL developer's site or Google's developer's site. You will always have the updated engine for your Dojo scripts.