Saturday, November 29, 2008

SproutCore Presentation

I just finished watching a show on SproutCore by Charles Jolley. Note: the real show starts after 20 minutes (the first part is on Google App Engine). It is very inspiration and a fresh view. I really like the SproutCore infrastructure.

His view on the current web applications is true. There are too much loads on the server side, data, html presentation, and business logic. Click and wait is a pain process for most web applications, and you rely on server availability to see web application content.

I have started to learn jQuey and Dojo recently. This is my evening part time exploring. All these tools are very good ones to move html presentation part to client side so that data can be retrieved and updated by using Ajax on cient's requests. SproutCore framework jumps one more further step, moving the server side business logic to client side. As a result, the server is very thin!

I think this is a new way to develop web applications and we will see more smooth and desktop like web applications on web. Enjoying the exploration!

Skip 20 minutes to start SproutCore presentation.