Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thin Server Archetecture Using Dojo

Just watched a tech show on on Practical Thin Server Architecture Using Dojo:

This well explained the server oriented web development and thin server web development by using client side JavaScript. I have done many ASP.NET web applications. It is true that the server side dominates everything including client side UI's by sending HTML & XML streams from server side. It is very heavy coupled between server and client.

Actually, the most important part between server and client is the data to fill for the client side UI, or passing data with request to server to data source such as DB.

Dojo provides a very good way to provide client side JavaScript codes in Dojo API form so that UI can be easily build and quickly respond by utilizing client side CPU and resources. The Widget I just learned is very clean one, Rating widget. It encapsulates all the UI codes to display icons and events to update icons. The testing HTML page is very clean.

Then web service is another great tool to use: sending request to get and put data between client side and server side. The server could be different web servers. In this way, the web application is very scalable and can be done by components. I can see that many parts are all reusable. Compared to the current way to build web applications, I am getting better picture of those new tools I am interested: REST, Dojo, jQuery, GWT, and YUI.