Wednesday, January 07, 2009

DNRTV Traning Shows

During the time while I am in Wuhan, China, I have some time to browse web and get several DNRTV training shows viewed. DNRTV is my favourite web site for the new technology for .Net.

Shows 117 & 118 on The Entity Framework (part 1 and 2) is about the entity framework for data source connection and data mapping APIs. The cool part is that the data are retrieved only at the point the query is called and only the required data are retrieved instead of cache a lots of data on client side. The only thing I concerned is that the back end may use Ad hoc SQL query to get data.

Show 119 on XML Literals by Beth Massi is really cool. She demonstrated a way to use LINQ to do various things which normally needs a lots of codes. It makes the codes much easy to understand and maintain.

Scott Cate on, show 121, demonstrate a very interesting cloud DB. This provides a way to get and manage data on web.

I like "Miguel Castro: Extreme WCF" (show 122) very much. This Miguel showed a new and well-structured way to build WCF applications. It reveals the logic and underneath parts of WCF and make applications much each to maintain. I like his way very much.

I just finished the show 124, Brian Noyes on Prism. The show demonstrates Prism, which is based on P&P's CAB or MVP. I used P&P CAB pattern before. The Prism makes the structure much clean and simpler than the previous version. It provides a framework for WPF applications. I am looking forward for the next part this show: commands and events in Prism.