Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Mesh Devices Beta Available

Yesterday I learned from .Net Rocks audio talk on this new release from Microsoft. It is a tool to sync almost anything based on Web services or Cloud. I just tried this from iMac machine; unfortunately, it does not support Mac yet.

I have been used Dropbox to sync files between computers including Mac. Dropbox is only for file sharing with 2GB space for free. This tool is similar as Foxmarks, which is used to sync Firefox bookmarks.

Based on the information from the .Net Rocks talk, the Live Mesh is even bigger than those. It provides a framework for .Net developers to write services for various usages.

From my Mac, what I can do is to create folders on my Live Mesh Desktop. I think I can update or sync files with my local PC folders just like Dropbox.

Here is the picture of my Live Mesh:

I had my Firefox crashed when I browsing Live Mesh on my iMac.

Then I connected to my Windows though Remote Desktop Connection. I can view Live Mesh there and install Application Live Mesh, which is similar as Dropbox to sync files if I have files defined for sync. There is no more other features like services right now.