Monday, January 26, 2009

WordPress vs Blogger

I have tried WordPress for several days and posted several blogs there. It is good in terms of UI and some features such as rich templates and wedges like tag cloud. However, after digging several days, I find out there so many things are required with updates, such as spaces with medias and CSS styles.

I cannot add my own CSS styles to my templates so that my blog page cannot have default style classes for my code coloring. That's really bad. For images I had really hard time to find out a way to add to my posts, not as easy as Blogger. The only thing I was thinking to switch to WordPress is its UI, better than Blogger. For example, in the Compose mode I cannot add < char directly. I have to use &lt; instead. If I have a block of codes in clipboard, it will take me hard time to replace them.

However, I can still use the WordPress as well. I may use its Visual mode to convert these chars easily for me and then switch back to html mode to get the html source codes. I did the same thing by using ASP.Net forum's code generation piece to get color coded html source codes. By using WordPress I may reach to other people with the same interest. Just remember to post the same thing to two places, one with source and another is the link.