Saturday, January 31, 2009

Use Dropbox to Share Audios in Blog

I tried to update some audio files in my blog but I could not do it in Blogger. There is one option to add videos. When I tried this to update a mp3 file(about 3-4mb), it took me long time to upload. I had to give it up.

I have to use other web tools to load my mp3 files: Dropbox. This is a tool to share your files on web. If you install the application in your local computer either Mac or Windows, you can specify a folder to sync files between the computer and your Dropbox web server. One additional feature of this tool is that you can put files in public folder. Today I tried this one. It works perfect!

Here in my Mac, Control+click on a file in the public folder, you will see:

Copy the URL of public link, you can paste it to your blog like:

<img src="http://" alt="dee" />

I verified that this feature is also available in Windows in a similar way.

The URL link is created when you upload a file to your public folder. It looks like a dynamically generated which does not have link to your Dropbox account. Anyway, it is a good way to put some files which you need to link to your blog to share.