Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vimerator Settings

Another feature of Vimperator is the settings. You can either set them dynamically or set in the configuration file, just like the way in Vim.

Here are two settings I think are very useful:

# enable hints for command mode
:set wildoptions=auto
# enable hints for links in command open mode. l or one.
:set cpt=l

Give these a try and see the difference. If you like them, you can add them to your Vimperator configuration setting file. In Windows, the file is _vimperatorrc in your %userprofile% directory; while .vimperator in your home for Mac.

When you open a link or type an Vimperator command with hint mode, you may see a list of hints available. Use Tab key to make a selection.

Updated: actually I found the same function of hints can be achieved without the settings. For example, press o to open a link with any word, link or blank. Press Tab key, then you will see a list of hints available. Same thing for any commands. For example, press :set then Tab, you will see a list of set commands available. Very cool, right? In addition to that, if you want to make a selection, just press tab key to make a selection.